Spanish Architects solution to losing weight

Spanish Architecture firm, Elii, has created a prototype model for a off-the-gird home that requires the users to generate part of the homes energy. The prototype, known as the JF-Kit House, incorporates calisthenic fixtures like weights and a spin bike that generate power while the inhabitants are exercising, thus the energy level in the home is dependent on the users workout routine.

Elli Bicycle Powered Home    Elli Bicycle Powered Home 2

Although the details are vague as to how much energy is produced from exercising in the home, it is neat to think about innovative strategies for off the-grid homes. And if you could save money and gain energy for your home by jumping on the bike for an hour or doing crunches or dancing on the tatami mat it may be extra motivating to keep in shape. Harvesting power from everyday activities that we would do anyway seems like a pretty great idea to me.

For more information and a video on this Jane Fonda inspired project follow the link to Co.Design


– Caitlyn