Savill Group’s History with Residential projects goes way back to 1972 when John Savill formed a design build company with two friends. That initial start in the design build industry is greatly advantageous in understanding construction and  the possibilities for design.  Even though John’s business has evolved into a full service  Architectural company, the interest in residential projects remained. At Savill Group Architecture we enjoy the personal nature of working on client’s homes, learning about their needs and designing custom solutions accordingly. For us the first step in the design process is to gain a full understanding the activities and the requirements.  In order to gain this understanding we loosely follow a programming method developed by Christopher Alexander called   “pattern language” . This allows us to delve into various activities to discover the unique and specific problems that need to be solved in order for each space to function optimally.We approach residential projects with a focus on the relationships between building and users, structure and landscape, materials and construction techniques.

These types of projects have given Savill Group Architecture the opportunity to design houses on the West Coast as well as in Eastern Canada. We approach all types of projects with confidence in our ability to create improved living situations; whether the project be a new house, an addition or a multi-family building.

Buildings are for people and as architects and designers we believe very strongly in the need to create  spaces that reflect the inhabitants aesthetic desires and functional requirements while respecting the surrounding environment. The wide variety in our solutions is reflective of the fact that we place a higher emphasis on designs that are responsive to specific client needs and site considerations rather than any specific style.